Show Me the Side Streets in Your Life | Tom/Ann
Show Me the Side Streets in Your Life
~3300 words
But Ann makes bad decisions about men. And Tom, for as long as she’s known him, has made bad decisions about women. Maybe this whole relationship is a bad decision that they made because they don’t know how to do anything else.

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Fic: Beginning Again
Title: Beginning Again
Author: stiffleaves
Pairings: April/Chris, Chris/Jen Barkley (+ the merest hint of Leslie/Ben)
Rating: R
Word count: ~4900
Summary: This is a sequel to Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, which is about Chris and April's affair in January 2014 (while April is married to Andy and Chris is in a long-distance relationship with Jen Barkley). This story is the less despondent step-child to it; the spring to that winter. A story about getting unstuck and moving on.
Notes: Huge thanks to saucydiva for the beta and continued enthusiasm for our twisted ship! Her name also sparkles. To avoid confusion: In this fic, Ron is Assistant City Manager after all. Leslie is the new Parks Director, and April Deputy Parks Director. The title is nicked from Leonard Woolf's autobiography of the years 1911-1918. Comments, expressing either outrage or praise or anything in between, make my day. Really.

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Fic: Vertigo
Title: Vertigo
Author: stiffleaves
Characters: Chris, Ben, Leslie, Ron
Rating: PG
Word count: ~8180
Summary: This is a character study of Chris as Ben confesses to his relationship with Leslie and then resigns. Covers The Trial of Leslie Knope (briefly) and Citizen Knope (extensively).
Notes: For stillscape, who prompted a Citizen Knope Chris POV during the Other Characters Week of Government Shutdown over at leslie_ben. It just took me this long to finish. Massive thanks to jncar for the beta and Chris-Traeger-level encouragement. rikyl also suggested something to me once for another fic, about what happens to Ben after the resignation-meeting, and I used that idea here. The title is not meant as a Hitchcock reference, by the way. Comments are like pitchers of green smoothie. They cure everything.

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Fic: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Title: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Author: stiffleaves
Characters/Pairings: April/Chris (+ April/Andy, Chris/Jen Barkley, the barest hint of Leslie/Ben)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~3200
Summary: It's January 2014, a Saturday night. April Ludgate-Dwyer gives Chris Traeger a call.
Notes: Big thank you to saucydiva for the beta/moral support with this pairing! To avoid confusion: In this fic, Ron is Assistant City Manager after all. Leslie is the new Parks Director. The title is of course shamelessly pinched from Alan Sillitoe. Written for the Crackfic Challenge in Government Shutdown. Comments are literally fantastic. No seriously. I do mean that.

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fic: evolution takes its toll
♀ f.fine
title: evolution takes its toll
characters/pairings: april/ann, with andy & tom as background
rating: pg13
words: 914
summary: april likes the mean parts of people.
notes: written for the femslash ficathon at dollsome's journal. zombie_boogie's prompt was, I used to be so good at hating you.


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Vacationthon: A Multi-Fandom Fic Exchange
P&R. April/Andy. where are all the

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vacationthon is a multi-fandom fic exchange on a mission to force our favorite characters to relax (or try to anyway). If you love road trips, crappy motels, summer romances and travel (mis) adventures, come and join the fun. Parks and Rec is an eligible fandom, so if you've always wanted to send the parks department on vacation, now's your chance! Signups are open until June 25th.

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Airport Proposal
{csi. i'm anti stupid.}
Title: Airport Proposal
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Note: Just something I need to see happening in season five. No biggie.

Airport Proposal

fic: monkey wrench
♀ f.fine
Title: Monkey Wrench
Author: portions_forfox
Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Characters/Pairings: Ben, April, Leslie, implied Andy; Ben/April, Ben/Leslie, canon-obligatory Andy/April
Warning(s): Infidelity; sex stuff; hasty ending
Rating: R
Notes: Written for falseeeyelashesprompt at her own Summer Lovin' Comment FicathonSometimes good people do really bad things.
Summary: The longer away from the sun he stays, the colder and colder he gets  |  Ben takes the job in Washington. April comes along.

Fic: Waiting
Title: Waiting
Author: stiffleaves
Characters/Pairings: Chris and Ben friendship 'cause I care, Chris/Jen Barkley, Leslie/Ben on the side
Spoilers: Bus Tour
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2200
Summary: Post-Bus Tour follow-up to Chris Traeger Naked. It's election day and Chris has something to confess.

( Waiting )

Can someone please write "Groffle the Awful Waffle"?  I really want to read it! 


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