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Leslie's Sister
katemcnally wrote in parksandfic
“So today is a big day for the Knope-Wyatt household,” Leslie begins as she sits in her Parks and Recreation Office desk looking at camera number one. “Today is Ben’s birthday and I have planned the greatest birthday for him in the history of birthdays. So last month when I was walking out of JJ’s diner with my usual to-go order of 5 waffles and a side of extra syrup, some driving jerk face hit me when he was backing out of his spot. At first I was pretty upset because at that point my waffles were sprawled out on the ground and ruined. But then, the driving jerk face happened to be David Benioff, the creator of Game of Thrones! Using my charm and current position as the victim, I convinced him to fly Ben and me to the show’s on location set to meet the cast and crew. We leave tomorrow. I am basically the coolest wife ever.”

In the next room, Andy is sitting on April’s desk telling her a cool story about his lunch meat coming alive while Tom is tweeting about his new haircut, Donna is painting her nails, and Jerry is trying to fit the coffee maker. Seconds later, Jerry drops his mug and coffee spills everywhere as Leslie walks out of her office.

“Uhh”, grunts Jerry.
“Damn it Jerry”, exclaims Tom. “I was just about to make hot cocoa in that thing and now it has coffee all over it”.
“Sorry Tom”, Jerry sadly apologizes before hunching over and sitting back down in his chair.
“Anyway, guys,” Leslie starts, “as you know Ben and I are traveling to Iceland tomorrow and won’t be back for a few days. But that also means that I am going to have to get a lot of work done today. All I have left is to reply to some emails, attend that one meeting, and call that lady back from the parks office in Missouri or whatever, so no one bother me until I get all my work done”.
Andy looks up from the sandwich he’s eating and asks, “Does that mean we can leave early?”
“Yay, let’s leave early!” shouts Tom.
“I’m out of here”, says Donna.

And before Leslie has the chance to respond, only Jerry and Ron are left in the office. Ron walks out of his office with his normal stern face on.

“Where’d everyone go?” asks Ron.
“I guess they left for the day” Leslie replies.

Ron looks over at Jerry. “You go too, Jerry. Your work would be useless if you stayed any longer”. Jerry gets up and leaves the office, “Have a fun time in Iceland, Leslie”.

“Don’t worry”, Ron tells Leslie. “I’ll be here until five.”
“Thanks Ron”.

Leslie power walks back into her office and begins working on her computer. Five hours later the sunlight outside has dimmed and the clouds appear in only pink and orange colors. Ron walks into Leslie’s office and informs her that he is going to head home.
“Sounds good. I just have to make one last call to the Missouri lady about some park issue she’s having there and then I’m going to head out too. See you next week Ron,” Leslie responds and Ron is out the door.

Leslie picks up the phone and dials the Missouri number. The phone rings three times and then someone on the other line answers.

“Hello?” says the unknown female.
“Hi, this is Leslie Knope and I’m calling for a Mrs. Sheryl Adams,” Leslie requests.
“Oh hi! This is Sheryl. I’m so glad you called. I have something important I need to talk to you about,” Sheryl says.
Filled with anticipation for what Sheryl is about to say Leslie quickly replies, “Yes, what is it?”
“Leslie, I am your father’s other daughter.”
In complete confusion, Leslie bleakly says, “What.”
“Our father got my mother pregnant before he met your mother. After I was born, he left and married your mother. I am sorry to spring this on you now. I just had my beautiful baby girl, Lily, and I want her to know who all of her family is. I want you to meet her. We’ll be in Indianapolis this weekend and I was hoping we can meet up for dinner or something, will that work?”
“I am going to have to call you back.”

As Leslie hangs up the phone, she is speechless. A sister? No way. Her mind is running like crazy or it is not running at all; she can not tell. She stands up from her desk, grabs her purse, walks to the door, and leaves the office.

Thirty minutes later, she is sitting in her driveway frozen in her driver’s seat. She’s having trouble processing the situation. Should she see her sister? What about her trip to Iceland with Ben? Was Sheryl really even her sister? As she sits there unable to move, Ben taps on the passenger’s side window.

“Sweetie, you coming inside? It’s a bit chilly out here”, Ben asks.
“I can’t move”, Leslie claims.

Ben opens the door and hops into the passenger’s seat.

“What’s wrong? If you don’t want calzones for dinner, I totally get it. We can order in waffles instead.”
“No, it’s not the calzones. Although, now that you mention it, waffles do sound pretty good. Anyway, that’s not the point. I got some big news an hour ago and I don’t know how to process it.”
“What is it? Are you pregnant? Am I pregnant? Wait, no. That’s impossible.”
“Ben, you may want to sit down for this”.
“I am sitting”.
“Right.” Leslie takes two deep breaths and then quickly says, “I have a sister and she was my father’s kid and now my sister has a baby and she visiting this weekend and wants to meet me and doesn’t know when she’ll be back and now I don’t want to choose between that and Iceland”. Leslie exhales.
“Wow”, Ben states.
“I know”, Leslie replies.

The two sit in the car for awhile, both in deep thought. Not talking. Just looking out in front of them. Then Ben brakes the silence.

“You have to go.”
“But Iceland and Game of Thrones and—.”
“No, this is family,” Ben interrupts. “I know my family may be messed up, but we’re in the process of raising our own family. I want our kids to live in a household with no secrets, no fights between relatives, no awkward birthday cards. I want you to meet your sister. I can visit Iceland myself, you would’ve hated leaving Pawnee for that long anyway. Go.”
“Are you sure?” Leslie questions.
“Yes, you are my wife. You are my best friend. You are my world. I love you, Leslie Knope. Please go,” Ben finishes and the two share a passionate kiss before going inside.


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