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Back That Thing Up (Ben/Leslie) MA
persnickety_er wrote in parksandfic
Title: Back That Thing Up
Author: persnickety_er
Pairing/Character: Ben/Leslie
Word Count: ~2,500
Rating: MA
Summary: Continuation of their last scene together
Warning: Spoilers up to 501 - Ms. Knope Goes to Washington
Notes: This story is currently untouched by anyone but me. Which I never do. But my beta was taking her time and I got impatient. There may be a second, revised draft posted. Feel free to point and laugh at any glaring errors. Also, this is my first foray into the Parks fandom. I'm excited to be here. Hello, hi, hello. I've noticed some names I'm familiar with, so some of you may remember me as beruco from a few other fandoms, namely the Office.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Please don't send any expensive legal action my way.
X-posted: parksandreckink and leslie_ben

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